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Sensory Books

Special Sensory Books and Activities for Special Needs Children

The sensory books offered by Books by Lizzy are designed to be a valuable resource for both parents and children with sensory and communication needs. Through our books, we offer activities for special needs children which provides them with an opportunity to learn and explore in a safe space in which they can feel comfortable expressing themselves, by using characters who they can identify with.  In addition to providing reading material that is informative and engaging, our sensory books also provide adults an opportunity to learn strategies on how to meet the sensory needs of children with autism and sensory processing disorders. 

For example, our Hawkins the Hedgehog book is about a hedgehog named Hawkins who has autism and uses a communication device to express what he is thinking. In this sensory book, children can learn from Hawkins by learning how to express their own sensory needs in a healthy and safe manner, while also providing parents tips on how to cater to their own child's sensory needs. 

We believe that our books are a great way for parents and children to bond over shared experiences. Our unique activities for special needs children can provide an opportunity to connect and create a safe space for self-expression. The stories in our sensory books offer an entertaining and educational experience which encourages children to use their own imagination to manage their emotions in a positive way. 

Our sensory books are written by Elizabeth Eskow Bortz, who started Books By Lizzy to equip families, school teams, and support staff with resources and strategies to meet both the sensory and communication needs of individuals. 

We believe that every child deserves to feel safe and accepted, and our goal is to help parents create a supportive environment with our sensory book and activities for special needs children. We understand the challenges that come with raising a special needs child, and hope our books can provide comfort and guidance along this journey.

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