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Introducing our Characters

Hi! My name is Abby! I’m a busy little alligator. I move my hands around a lot and touch almost everything in my reach because I have a Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD).  I like to touch things around the swamp, and sometimes I grab things I shouldn’t.  It can be really hard for me to control my hands. My parents and friends have really helped make my hands feel much better by doing hand squeezes. They taught me that hand squeezes can make a big difference in my life by helping my body feel calm.  It really helps when they use this strategy a bunch of times throughout the day.  I hope you like hand squeezes as much as I do and

I hope this help you too!

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Hello! My name is Hawkins. I’m a hedgehog. I love to line up cars, do puzzles, and spend time with my family. I often need to push my head into things when I’m feeling stressed or overwhelmed. Sometimes, I push my head into other people and sometimes I push it against things like the door or a wall. I especially like to push my head into my mom’s arms, shoulders, and back. I’m guessing she doesn’t like that very much. Oh by the way, I forgot to mention, I have Autism. For me, this means that it’s hard for me to get my words out with my mouth, so I use a communication device. I also have some extra sensory needs that other people don’t have. It sure helps when people make sure my sensory needs are met FIRST before they ask me to do anything. My mom is so awesome! She had learned a lot to help me and knows lots of strategies to support me. My favorite strategy is head squeezes, they feel soooooooo good and really help my body feel better! Here’s hoping you give this strategy a try,

and it helps you too!

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Ahoy! My name is Ozo! I’m an octopus and I love where I live. The sea is such a beautiful place to explore. I don’t know about you, but I have a really hard time keeping my arms still.  I can drive my teachers a bit crazy because I’m always touching things. My parents have told me that I’m a “sensory seeker”; guess that means I need to touch things to get input to my arms and hands, more than other people. My teachers and parents give me arm squeezes to help my arms feel calm.  It feels like my arms are being hugged and makes me feel amazing.  My teachers are helpful because they do arm squeezes with me before I need to sit down for a long period of time.  Arm squeezes help me be able to focus and learn.  If I start getting a little fidgety, they are there and ready to help meet my sensory needs by doing arm squeezes and other strategies throughout the day. I hope you like arm squeezes as much as I do, and hope they help you too!

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Hey there, my name is Morgan! I live in the jungle and it's such a cool place for a busy monkey like me.  I am constantly on the move and love to jump, run and go, go go!  My body needs extra input to help it feel calm and allow my body to rest.  For me, swinging makes the biggest difference.  It is my favorite sensory strategy because it helps me feel calm.  I love when my parents give me big pushes and make me go really fast, but sometimes I like it when we go slow.  I'm glad they ask me what I need.  I hope you read my story and use the strategies this book teaches.  I hope you like swinging as much as I do!  

Hi!  Nice to meet you.  My name is Faith! I don't know about you, but sometimes people don't understand me.  My body craves extra input and I spend a large part of my day touching things because my hands like to feel EVERYTHING.  I finally found something that makes my hands feel good WITHOUT having to touch other things.  It's a sensory strategy called FIREWORKS.  It feel likes magic in palm and gives them exactly what they need so my body and hands can rest.  My friend Freda helps give me fireworks anytime I need them to help keep my body feeling good.  I am so excited for you to read my story and to learn how this strategy can help!

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Hi!  I'm Christy!  It's so great to meet you.  I live on a farm and spend lots of time outside.  My mom and dad know I stay really busy and like to crawl, jump, and grove!  I'm always on the move!  Sometimes, I feel like my body can't relax or rest at all.  When I start feeling overwhelmed my parents remind me to crawl, crawl, crawl.  Crawling makes my body feel sooooo good.  It makes feel like everything is alright and that the world isn't so scary.  I like to do a couple different types of crawling.  If you don't know about these, you are missing out.  They give my body a huge amount of input, like every part of me is getting a big hug.  I hope you check out my book and learn how crawling can help you, too!

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